Choirfire Director Claudia Porter

Choirfire Director Claudia Porter

I’m excited to introduce you to an exciting choral program for kids and youth, designed to ignite in them a fresh love for singing His praises and the joys of participating in a choir. Choirfire has several class options (see the ABOUT page.)Choirfire kids are ministering locally and internationally!

In addition to Choirfire singing classes,  guitar classes are also offered on Mondays at the same location as Celebration Ministry of Arts ( worship dance classes at South Fellowship (6560 S. Broadway, Littleton, CO 80121) 

Choirfire has a second location on Tuesdays (Hosanna Lutheran Church, 10304 W. Belleview Ave, Littleton, 80121) in conjunction with Joan Moxon’s Experience Art classes! Click on the ABOUT tab to learn more!

 Expand your homeschool enrichment program to include training in singing, playing guitar and/or dancing on Mondays or singing, guitar and art on Tuesdays! 




This select group of singers (grades 7 – 12) received advanced choral and performance training and more experience giving concerts throughout the summer. Imagine the joy of singing and sharing songs about the Lord’s love at summer festivals, parks, churches, or camps.

Skill development  includes:

  • Improving your voice
  • Learning to harmonize
  • Learning stage presence
  • Blending with a group
  • Sharing a small testimony before a song
  • The be-attitudes of a musician in ministry
  • Solo singing
  • How to lead worship
  • Finding your purpose

This customized training program is taught and directed by Mrs. Claudia Porter in association with Choirfire music ministries of Torchgrab Ministries.


Contact Torchgrab Choirfire

Mailing address: 8552 S. Ault Lane, Morrison, CO 80465