Choirfire is a DISTINCTLY Christian ministry developing the musical gifts as well as imparting music ministry values in students from ages 7 to college. Our specialty is vocal-choral training and we offer classes in guitar, violin and art.
Our passion is to train MUSICIANARIES among the next generation who will proclaim the gospel in music to the world.

Excitement is growing for the upcoming FALL SESSION:


We will not sing at the Nutcracker this year, but will instead bring songs of hope and thanks to needy people in our community like those in the Denver Rescue Mission, Assisted Living Homes, fund raisers for Aggie’s Baby Home, etc.

  • Morningstar Senior Living, Saturday, Nov. 19th, 2:00pm, 5344 S Kipling Pkwy, Littleton     
  • Denver Rescue Mission: TBA

Registration Open for Fall Session:
Mondays: September 12 – November 28, 2016

Location: South Fellowship, 6560 S. Broadway, Littleton, 80121. Classes offered side by side with Celebration Ministry of Arts dance classes 


    • Beginner and Intermediate Guitar: 8 and up, 2:30-3:00, (bring guitar and order Essential Elements For Guitar book and CD ISBN 0-634-05434-1 on
    • Choirfire Singers: boys and girls ages 7 and up 3:00-3:45
    • Choirfire Intermediate Ensemble: (must audition) boys and girls in 6th – 8th grade 3:00-4:00
    • Choirfire Ensemble: 8th-college (must audition) NOTE: This group is meeting on Tuesday! (unless 8 sign up for Monday)
    • Violin: 30 minute private lessons starting at 3:30, 4:00, 4:30 and 5:00  ($15 per lesson)



Tuesdays: September 13 – November 29, 2016 

Location: Hosanna Lutheran, LITTLETON, CO   10304 W. Belleview Ave. Littleton, 80127 (just west of Kipling Ave on Belleview)


    • Beginner & Intermediate Guitar: 3:30-4:00 (bring guitar and order Essential Elements For Guitar book and CD ISBN 0-634-05434-1 on
    • Choirfire Singers: boys and girls 7 & up: 3:30-4:15 (only offered on Mondays this session)
    • Choirfire Intermediate Ensemble: boys and girls 6th – 8th (must audition) 3:30-4:30 (by popular demand, this calss is meeting only on Mondays)
    • Choirfire Ensemble:  8th – college (must audition) 4:30-5:30
    • Art FUN-damentals: 10 years and up, 3:30-4:25
    • Intro to Art FUN-damentals:  6-9 years, 4:25-5:15
    • Violin Beginner Group Class: 5:30-6:00 ($10 per lesson)

Please click on Registration Form to fill out the details of the student(s) attending.