Policies and Rules

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Choirfire Policies and Rules Conduct Code

  • Our goal is to instill character development and quality musical training in an atmosphere of fun, fellowship and diligent team work.
  • Students must demonstrate the highest respect for the teacher, other students, the property of others and the facility.
  • Violations of this cardinal rule may lead to dismissal with no refunds. Parent’s agree to compensate for any property damage.


  • Important communication will be done via email. Please check it often.


  • Regular class attendance is vital for well-trained musicians and high quality performances.
  • Attendance at performances is expected.
  • Procedures for excusing an absence are for the parent to email or text.
  • Arrive on time, ready to sing. Every minute of rehearsal time is carefully planned.

Registration and Payment

  • Every family must fill out the registration form on the registration page.
  • Payment may be made by check to Torchgrab Choirfire and mailed.
  • Classes will be filled in the order that payment is received.
  • Full Tuition per class = $129 (plus $16 for Ensemble= $145) is due by the beginning of each session unless using 3 payment plan. There are no refunds.

Transportation and Pick Up Policy

  • Everyone is responsible for his/her own transportation.
  • Students must be picked up promptly from class as classes are back to back and students may not stay in the classroom when class is over. Thank you for your help with this important need.
  • A late fee of $5 will be charged if a parent is 10 minutes late.

Performance Dress

  • For performances, students will need: black shoes, black socks or hose. Boys will need black dress pants and a white collared shirt. Girls will need a black skirt  (reaching the knee) or black dress pants or gauchos and a solid white blouse/top.
  • Ensemble members: Girls: long black dress. Guys: Black pants and shoes, white buttoned collar and black tie.
  • Dress code for regular classes is casual and modest.

Student’s Name: _______________________

Age: ________ Date: ___________________

I understand and acknowledge the rules of Choirfire and agree to follow them. I also understand and acknowledge that if I break these rules I will receive one warning and my parents will be notified. I recognize that further infractions will jeopardize my continued participation in Choifire activities. By signing this agreement, I agree to hold harmless South Fellowship, Hosanna Lutheran Church and Torchgrab Ministries, Inc.. of any legal liability for any injury or accident directly resulting from participation in Choirfire activities.

PARENT SIGNATURE (if under 18)


Print this page, fill out the form completely and mail with payment to:
Torchgrab Choirfire 8552 S. Ault Lane, Morrison, CO 80465